BOWIE OBJECT Preview – The Facts.

“We’re swimming in a sea of sham”


What did David himself once say about loving the chaos and anarchy of the internet?!

But I think it’s clear now that I was duped, so I’m just going to scrape the egg off my face and carry on with the site once the dust has settled.

I have received a number of needlessly aggressive messages saying “it’s such an obvious hoax, this image came from that website etc” but you must realise that the source of the material, the person from whom it was obtained, was EXTREMELY plausible. I am a fan and the factual detail seemed correct, the written ‘voice’ was persuasively Bowiesque, and the provenance was impeccable. And let’s not forget that it was not only me who was taken in: over the last 48 hours, articles about this post have appeared all over the internet on Popbitch, Inagist, and numerous other sites worldwide from where it has been Tweeted and re-Tweeted ad infinitum. If it was really such an obvious hoax, why would it be that so many others were equally convinced? It’s very easy to be wise after the event, but to show that I don’t take myself too seriously I have decided to leave the post intact, partly for its curiosity value and partly as an odd little memento of a very bizarre couple of days.

However, I have now closed commenting on that post and have decided to temporarily disallow unmoderated commenting elsewhere on this site. I know it’s a real pain to have to wait for your posts to appear, but hopefully the trolls will get bored and soon disperse once they realise that all their nonsense is going to be filtered out.



6 Responses to “BOWIE OBJECT Preview – The Facts.”

  1. SPACE-CADET Says:

    So who was this extremely plausible source then?

  2. Are you going to reveal where it came from?
    I have been following this from day one and I was hoping there would at last be a Bowie Object book due out.

    I think you should say more about the people who did this.

  3. “I don’t care if people say Bowiemyths is full of off-topic shit, I think it’s the best and friendliest Bowie site on the net”

  4. What Maureen said. 🙂

  5. Material was perfectly plausable (+ one particular piece could only have come directly from DB). Don’t beat yourself up over this + carry on the good work. M

  6. Motor_Sensational Says:

    What everyone said lol 🙂

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