Hooked To The Silver Screen

I have always enjoyed David on the big screen. My favourite film of his is The Laguna Accident. Once again he is paired up with Buck Rogers and Candy Cotton.

The onscreen chemistry with Bowie and Roseanne Barr is out of this world. The film I think is everything The Prestige and The Illusionist failed to be.


20 Responses to “Hooked To The Silver Screen”

  1. I aint never heard of that one. Was David in The Illusionist and The Prestige? Maybe I have missed something there.

    I remember he was in a film about a load of gay gangsters on a council estate. I think Mike Tyson played a chap called Goldie before he bit of Jill Dando’s ear.

  2. I see the re-release of The Hunger has taken $155m (£97m) at the US box office in its opening weekend, setting a new record. How about a re-release of Christiane F und Paul Kinder Vom Barnsley Zoo?

  3. motor_sensational Says:

    @Dan, its not “The Hunger” its “The Hunger Games”.

  4. London_bye_ta_ta Says:

    David is not really an Actor but he does a good job in the main. I would like to watch or own the following:

    Yellow Submarine (in which he appeared as a shark)
    Merry Christmas Lawrence Llewelyn-Boner
    Everbody Loves Moonshine
    The Minge that fell to Earth

  5. Why limit to film? What about Bowie on TV? He was fab on Kenny Everett in the UK and on SNL in the States, but somewhere in the back of my mind I also remember him on Celebrity Squares, sitting between Willie Rushton and Barry Cryer if I remember rightly. He was wearing a petrol blue shirt and smoked throughout. Can’t find it on YouTube, but someone must have it – or at least some screenshots?

    • safetyzone Says:

      i rememba that dan but it was lorraine chase & willie rushton he sat between, not barry cryer. i also rememba bowie on “HOW” demonstrating kirlian photography to fred dineage.

  6. Wow I never knew so many of my friends came here.

    I like any image of David Bowie on film or tv, he is good in any medium. I dont recall ever seeing him on a tv called Celebrity Squares, David is hardly ‘square’ is he? a celebrity yes indeed.

    I did a google search for “How” and we never had this in Holland too. We had a programme called “Ho” it was for young people who liked to play with vaccum cleaners and bits of old perambulators.

    I wonder if we could get some of the others over here.

  7. Poop and lying_fat_fuck are suck old poofs.

    You pair of old benders.

  8. lying_fat_fuck Says:

    lol 🙂

    you are jealous cos your mail order bride went back to firing ping-pong balls for entertainment

    “you got little willy”

  9. Little_Willy Says:

    David was at his best in Bernie the Bolts adaptation of Baal in which David played a down at heal hustler. He was a kind of gigolo and looked a bit like the guy he played in Tin Machine.

    I actually saw David in Soho signing autographs in 1984 when he was a member of Right Said Fred

  10. Sybil_Debbie Says:

    I never knew David was in the Right Said Fred gang!

    You learn something everyday on here. I would like to say that I love this site.

    I have seen David many many times in concert. I like to buy two of everything and keep one sealed as an investment. I am a bit obsessed I guess but hey! aren’t we all lol


  11. Sybil_Vendu Says:

    lol@ Debbie

  12. lying_fat_fuck Says:

    I havent posted for a couple of hours and am getting major withdrawal symptoms.

    Would someone like to agree with me about something?


  13. CAPTION_THIS! Says:

    “Would someone like to agree with me about something?”

    LOL @ lying_fat_fuck 🙂

  14. Sybil_Orange_Barrels Says:

    lol @ lying_fat_fuck 🙂

  15. Mr Poopp Says:

    I have seen most Bowie films dubbed into Dutch. It is particularly weird becuase our Dutch accent is like the Welsh and Norfolk accent, as such David comes across as thick and obese in his films. He was certainly not thick and obese in The Man Who Fell To Earth.

    Labiarynth in Flemish was very funny, I took acid with my five year old son and we just giggled till my son choked on his floogenwurst, which almost killed him.

  16. bottle_blond_bummer Says:

    Bowie films in the main are just trash! he was okay in the one about the Alien that liked gin and body-stockings to show off his sausage.

    lol 🙂

  17. Rock_Rock Says:

    What a fascinating site this is.

    I have never read such funny posts on a Bowie site. I can understand admin getting annoyed.

    I love the posters who think they know about Bowie but have only heard Let’s Dance on Radio2.

    Ha Ha

  18. Tiny_Tim Says:

    Candy Cotton, that is so funny.

    I just like to see David on the big screen.

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