“Sighing, they swirl through the streets like the crust of the sun…the Chuckle Brothers”

How original are Bowie’s song titles?

Here are some covers of vintage sheet music found on the web. Any of these titles ring a bell??


37 Responses to ““Sighing, they swirl through the streets like the crust of the sun…the Chuckle Brothers””

  1. Incredible really to think David Bowie has covered so many old songs. Where can we hear the original versions?

  2. zanzibar Says:

    cant believe that someone else had already used the title Chant of the evercircling Skeletal family! what r the chances of that??

  3. Was David signed by Arlene Phillips to record Space Oddity?

  4. lol yeah louie, that would be after his Black & Dekker contract ended, but before the MFI / Virgin BMI years and before he formed his own label Esso.

  5. I didn’t know Black and Decker had a record label, do you mean Desmond Dekker? I wonder if there is a list anywhere with all of his (DB’s) labels listed. I think his first record Liza Tarbuck was on Dream records.

    • Black & Dekker was a record label set up in the 60s by Cilla Black and Desmond Dekker. Check your facts before posting, twat-face.

  6. lucy-18f-usa Says:

    selling nudes to pay for college!!! 100 for $10. any older guys with PayPal hit me up. 😛

  7. TOP_SCAT Says:

    This soundz like my kinda place. Nuff respeks to the gal selling nudes to pay for her eddcashun! she must want it SO bad.

    Any tromboners on here?





  9. It is refreshing to note that the porn has subsided, the politics too.

  10. London_bye_ta_ta Says:

    Jocky Wilson is dead!

    News just said a serious medical condition was the cause.

    Spent many hours watching him play years ago.


  11. London_bye_ta_ta Says:

    United kingdom-now the biggest nanny state

    I am so pissed off with the way this current bunch of cretins running our country are always assuming what’s best for us!

    Do this, don’t do that.

    You can’t turn the tv news on now for another stupid interfering law to be considered and the current home secretary
    Theresa May makes my blood boil! grrrrr!

    Silly smug cow!

    Off to read the Daily Mail now so that I can get a more comfortably left-wing perspective on British society.

    • If you are fed up living in the UK, you can always come here and be a daddy. I don’t mind having a fat blond pig for a child (or a husband) my momma will fatten up a pig for ya.

      Sure it’s all a bit Dooks of Hazard here but you can just pit on the porch playing on the internet all day drinking liquor and eating hog roast while our lil baby rolls around in pigshit.

      • Jocky_Wilson Says:

        I am happy to come over, it sounds a great deal TopCat.

        I am so fed up living in the UK.

        I need a truck load of sausages and shit loads of brown ale, i might shit some so you might wanna dig another long-drop for me out back away from house.

    • For non-UK readers, here’s a pithy description of The Daily Mail, referred to above by London_bye_ta_ta:

      “The Daily Mail says the enemy’s among us, taking our women and taking our jobs. Ultra right-wing, populist, nationalistic, xenophobic, homophobic, isolationist, often hysterical and notoriously obsessed with the immigrants, house prices and, lately, campaigns against same-sex marriage and claimants of state benefits.

      Infamously supported fascism in a big way in the 1930s (hence the common “Daily Heil” nickname); prior to World War II, it openly advocated an alliance with Hitler and claimed German Jews seeking refuge in Britain were “exaggerating” the bad treatment they claimed to be getting from Herr Hitler’s sound and firm government. In the Mail’s opinion, they were just economic migrants taking advantage of Britain’s lax generosity and besides “we have far too many Jews in Britain as it is.” The paper currently likes to present itself as the voice of the “silent (moral) majority”. Has an Irish edition that is similarly populist in its editorial policy, leading to scare stories and editorial campaigns printed in different markets that hilariously contradict one another. Notable for having some pretty controversial columnists on its staff – Richard Littlejohn is usually the most commonly cited example. After its flirtation with the British Union of Fascists (until the events of 1939-45 made this unthinkable even for the Mail), it will now always support the Conservatives, although its tone verges into BNP territory a lot, leading to the occasional condemnation of the latter to (unconvincingly) make itself appear moderate. However some journalists – notably the Guardian’s Nick Davies – have pointed out the Daily Mail isn’t right-wing as a rule; it’s just slavishly devoted to it’s huge market, the white 30+ middle class. If this market is resentful towards bankers (most recently) or the Tories etc then the Mail is not afraid to bash bankers and the Tories. So it all comes down to the bottom line in the end. The Mail is very similar to The Sun at its worst, but likes to pretend it’s more upmarket and only escapes being considered ‘gutter press’ due to tradition, but is even losing that battle, with its journalists famously trying to distance themselves from their editor, Paul Dacre.

      Another common theme in the Mail is that just about everything causes cancer, or cures it, possibly both on different days, and actually has a segment on ridiculous health theories, usually involving cancer, fruit, or fruit that gives you cancer.

      The Mail on Sunday is the Sunday sister paper of the Daily Mail; while still staunchly Conservative, it’s far less alarmist. Tends to be read by conservatives who like reading a newspaper without hysteria (although Peter Hitchens can sometimes seem a little bit out-there; he regularly bashes the Conservative Party for being too left-wing and strongly criticises what he perceives as the modern right’s idolisation of Margaret Thatcher).

      Throughout the Harry Potter books, the Daily Mail is the morning paper read by Vernon Dursley, Harry’s snobby, right-wing and politically reactionary uncle.”

      So as you can see: it’s the obvious daily reading matter for anyone claiming to espouse left-wing views and values.

  12. I have to agree. I would not like to live in the UK, mainly because we have better cheese and yoghurt over here. I did not understand why these peoples were voted in, was it not enough that it was a woman last time!

    In Holland we would never tolorate such a situation.

    There needs to be a proper party in power in the UK. Is there a green alternative

  13. Oh hello you two. I have just had the realise that you are here too. I like this place and will keep an eye out for it pleases me.

    It is always good for me to associate myself with Bowie sites.

    I can see the sun is shining on me today

  14. gleeming_teeth Says:

    I dont quite understand this place.

    Anyrodes I have a question about David Bowie.

    I was at a gig once when he stopped mid song and walked off, he came back and said “sorry I needed a piss”

    I think it was Newcastle 1978

    Can anyone remember it?

  15. If Bowie had said “I need a line of Charlie” I would be impressed you stoopid fuckwit.

    get a life poo genie

  16. horrible_fourtrack Says:

    Now there’s an offer you can’t refuse!

    Go for it old boy!

  17. lying_fat_fuck Says:

    lol 🙂

  18. pinterest Says:

    lol @ zainez and lying_fat_fuck 🙂

  19. London_bye_ta_ta Says:

    lol @ everyone who LOLs 🙂

  20. Anonymoususername Says:

    Anyone else think that lying_fat_fuck, zainez, London_bye_ta_ta, pinterest and CAPTION_THIS! are all the same person..??

  21. Jocky_Wilson Says:

    I cannot see any reason to suppose they are all the same person. Their styles of writing are all totally different from one another and the fact that they are all always online within minutes of each other is surely nothing more than a frequently repeated coincidence.

  22. Sybil_Debbie Says:

    It is pretty odd to pretend to be different people aint it.

    I have enough problems being myself lol


  23. Sybil_Vendu Says:

    lol @ Debbie

  24. bottle_blond_bummer Says:

    lol @ all the Sybils


  25. Rock_Rock Says:

    Who are all the Sybils?

    Some of those usernames ring a bell!

    Are they from other Bowie sites at all?

  26. Tiny_Tim Says:

    I have been reading all this stuff over Easter, it is mad. The wife said people need to leave the house more.

  27. Reblogged this on imblogrio and commented:
    Holy moly, “Chant of the Ever-Circling Skeletal Family”!

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