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I Keep Forgettin’

Posted in Uncategorized on March 31, 2012 by bowiemyths

I heard a rumour from Ground Control that a certain person is losing his memory. I had noticed in recent years that a certain person had to use a book of lyrics as a prompt. Well, I guess we are all getting on a bit these days.

As long as we don’t forget David then all will be well in the cosmos. I have met David several times since his second wedding and he has always remembered my name. I think it is unusual for someone like David to remember the name of the florist, but he did and I am pleased and honoured to be a long-time fan and florist to The Thin White Dude from Mars.


Hooked To The Silver Screen

Posted in Uncategorized on March 25, 2012 by bowiemyths

I have always enjoyed David on the big screen. My favourite film of his is The Laguna Accident. Once again he is paired up with Buck Rogers and Candy Cotton.

The onscreen chemistry with Bowie and Roseanne Barr is out of this world. The film I think is everything The Prestige and The Illusionist failed to be.

Now The Years Of Threading Daisies Lie Behind You Now

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“Having worked on several very important and influential biographies of David Bowie I can claim to be in an unusual position. I have (in the past) been given access to some very unusual material which will sadly never see the light of day. One trip to Berlin in 1977 was special for me as I got to see some of David’s super 8 home movies, his movies from Haddon Hall are particularly moving, watching the band demo-ing songs that would eventually form The Man Who Sold The World and Hunky Dory was absolute heaven. David had recorded the sessions, the film was accompanied by his reel to reel tape. He told me that one day he intended to have the films and sound married when technology came of age”

“Sighing, they swirl through the streets like the crust of the sun…the Chuckle Brothers”

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How original are Bowie’s song titles?

Here are some covers of vintage sheet music found on the web. Any of these titles ring a bell??

The Girl With The Mouse In Her Hair

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As a long-time Bowie bore, I get mighty pissed off when many so-called fans seem very sketchy on the details of Bowie’s life and career.

So this seemed as good a place as any to correct all the common misconceptions surrounding David Bowie. Please feel free to add any common mistakes, misconceptions or queries of your own and perhaps other fans will try to give you accurate and informed responses.